Goldgena Project turns back on celebrity watch ambassadors


Goldgena Project, a crowd-funded effort to launch a watch priced no more than 3.5 times its cost of production, has called for the public to put themselves forward as brand ambassadors ahead of its next chapter.

The project is looking to showcase members of the community rather than celebrities, who usually feature as watchbrand ambassadors. It said it is looking for people who have a specific talent, natural kindness or a radiant aura that deserves to be highlighted. The next Chapter of production will be 2 November.

The announcement comes as the project unveils its potential logos for the watch, CODE14, which will be finalised following a public vote. The public is also being asked to vote and comment on the website in order to finalise colours and designs.


This will be precede Goldgena Project’s financing stage on 7 November, which will launch a crowdfunding effort. The project said crowdfunding means there is no risk of overstocking, as the units are produced in precise quantities according to pre-orders made by contributors.

Although the finalised watch is still a while from being unveiled, Goldgena Project is inviting people to join its virtual owners club. This allows for people to send in a photo of themselves with their wrist facing the camera and the project digitally imposes a watch onto the wrist in the photo.

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