Glashütte Original opens new riverside manufactory


Glashütte Original has opened a brand new manufactory in Glashütte, a 4,550sqm space, set to house 80 employees.

The new space was officially opened this week by the brand’s two managing directors Yann Gamard, Günter Wiegand. They were joined by watch brand Union Glashütte’s managing director Adrian Bosshard and the Mayor of Glashütte, Markus Dreßler, who cut the ribbon and declared the production facility officially open.

The building, which has taken 10 months to complete, was a project led by Björn Griemberg who presented Wiegand with a large golden key before a number of special guests were given a tour of the new facility.


The building was made to free up room at Glashütte Original main building in the Altenberger Straße in the town. Its customer service department has been relocated to the new building, based in the Frühlingsweg.

The first employees began working at the building in August. At present there are 50 employees working in the new building. The new space will also host Union Glashütte, one of Glashütte Original’s fellow Swatch Group brands.

The brand’s star has been rising of late, and with an increase in global interest in the brand, so has there been an increase in its employees. At the end of 2010 Glashütte Original had a total of 321 employees; as of September 2012 the number had risen to 440, with most of the new staff members joining the assembly and service areas of the company.

The company plans to add another 70 staff members to its ranks by the end of 2013, making it one of the largest employers in Glashütte.

Glashütte Original’s managing directors, Wiegand and Gamard, spoke at the opening, describing a positive outlook for the brand in the years ahead. The brand has been enjoying increased awareness and popularity in key markets such as China and North America.



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