Glasgow watch design house gathers momentum with second collection


Instrmnt has released its second series of watches building on the success of its first collection.

The 02 series is a distilled version of the first model, says the design studio, which launched its first watch on the back of raising £100,000 through Kickstarter, well above its target of £20,000.

The new model is slimmer than the first and shares a number of the same characteristics, including a Swiss-made movement, exploded self-assembly presentation, and an Italian leather strap.


New features such as the thin casing require Ronda’s Slim Line 1063 movement, according to the minimalist brand.

In addition, Instrmnt have engineered a subtle domed crystal to sit atop the steel casing, inspired by the elegant dress watches of the mid century.

02 has clearly been positioned as a firmly unisex offering, androgynous in both style and size.

Director of Instrmnt, Ross Baynham, commented: “As a design studio I don’t think we’ll ever be hurried in our output – Instrmnt 02 is the product of twelve months of listening, developing, designing and editing.

“We wanted create a product that was visually consistent with our 01 range of watches, but reconstruct it into something slimmer, more androgynous and hopefully more flexible in terms of occasion and wearer. I think the two models now sit together as a consistent, accomplished pairing: the preface for future collections.”

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