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Giuliano Mazzuoli hit with devastating robbery


Giuliano Mazzuoli, an artisanal company in Sambuca, has been the target of a robbery which saw watches made of gold and steel stolen along with mechanisms and gold pens.

Having taken place on the night between May 11 and 12, the firm confirmed that the crime has ‘seriously impacted the company and the founder, Giluliano Mazzuoli.’

In response to the crime, Mr Mazzuoli released he statement describing what went on.


He detailed that when arriving at his company HQ at around 10am, he “noticed that strangely a door was open. Inside everything seemed in order, but there was a kind of rod on the floor that was about three or four meters long made of strips of plastic that were joined together with adhesive tape that drew my attention.”

He continued: “I didn’t know who could have made this and what it was supposed to be for. The rod wasn’t too far from the entry door to the room where the safe is located which was closed but the alarm system was off.

“I became suspicious. I proceeded and went towards another room that few know the existence of. The door of the room was open and inside the light was on. From the room came a particular and strong smell like something was burned inside. Once I went inside I saw a scenario from a war zone. There was not even the shadow of my watches, but only wreckage and horror.”

As well as describing the horror it has caused himself, his business and his family, on a day which he would celebrate his mother’s birthday, he told potential buyers to do so with caution.

He warned: “I would like to close advising anyone who is interested in a ‘Giuliano Mazzuoli’ to ignore offers coming from ads or people not authorized to sell my watches.

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