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Swatch has revealed its first connected watch, the Touch Zero One, and it’s certainly not taking itself too seriously.

The beach volleyball-orientated Touch Zero One offers some genuinely helpful fitness tracking tools as well as some whimsical features, including a clap-o-meter and three distinctly different motivational ‘coaches’.

When worn on a beach volleyball player’s ‘active’ playing hand, the watch in HIT mode will record number of hits as well as the power of each, while the Touch Zero One app will record added details including calories burnt and average hit power.


The watch also features the kind of fitness tracking you’ve come to expect from smart watches including steps taken, distance travelled and activity time, while the app presents the information recorded by the watch in a series of graphics.

If you’ve ever wondered just how hard you’re applauding, CLAP mode will measure your performance as a member of the audience displaying total number of claps as well as power of applause.

If you’re in need of some encouragement to reach your exercise goals then the Swatch Touch Zero One offer three very different motivational coaches in the form of ‘lazy dude’, ‘tough guy’ and ‘superhero’.

Swatch has also fitted the watch with a standard replaceable watch battery that lasts ‘months and months’ according to the company.

Swatch’s own beach volleyball proteam athletes have been putting the watch through its paces. Joana Heidrich commented: “The watch is a lot of fun and for that reason alone it’s worthwhile. The info on the different hits can be valuable for our training, too, allowing us to measure and compare our performance over time.”

Running on iOS and Android, the Swatch Touch Zero One app is available as a free download.

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