George Bamford turns loaner watches into a business line of personalised timepieces


Bamford Watch Department is building on its growing reputation as a watch customiser by launching a collection of watches under its own name.

Customers  of BWD have always been lent a watch when their own pieces were in for repair or servicing.  These inexpensive watches, which carried the Bamford logo, became collectible in their own right and led the company’s founder George Bamford to start work on a proper collection.

“The Bamford Mayfair has evolved quite literally on my wrist,” says Mr Bamford. “When I handed my own watch in for a service and put on the ‘service watch’ I learnt very quickly how much I loved it and I did not want to take it off. I knew we had to create a watch which developed and improved the original design and it is really exciting to offer this new range of watch.”


Mr Bamford believes that customers want more and more personalisation in their luxury purchases, so the Bamford Mayfair range can be designed from a range of colours, bezels, coatings and straps.

They all use the quartz Miyota 2035 movement in a stainless steel case and will sell online at Mrporter.com and directly from BWD where an online customiser allows customers to design their watches.



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