Garmin’s hybrid Crossover Instinct keeps track of health and fitness for months between charges


Garmin International has added a Crossover version to its Instinct family of rugged smartwatches.

Instinct Crossover is a hybrid GPS smartwatch with sensors for health monitoring and activity tracking features, connectivity to a smartwatch app and a watch face with analogue hands and an LCD display.


A combination of the low-energy screen and Garmin’s solar charging means its battery will last for months.

“We created Instinct Crossover for active lifestyle individuals who prefer the look of a traditional watch but who are ready to tap into the functionality of a modern smartwatch,” says Dan Bartel, Garmin vice-president of global consumer sales.

“By eliminating the need to compromise between tradition and technology, the Instinct Crossover reimagines and redefines the modern adventure smartwatch.”

Instinct Crossover has Garmin’s full suite of wellness features including Sleep Score and Advanced Sleep Monitoring, and a Health Monitoring activity which allows users to record key health metrics, such as Body Battery, stress, and heart rate in a single view.

Between the watch and its app, Garmin tracks VO2 Max, Pulse Ox2, Fitness Age, Training Status/Load/Effect, HRV Status, and Recovery Time.

For an energy bar after a workout, the watch even has Garmin Pay for contactless payments onboard.

The collection goes on sale this month priced at £480.

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