GALLERY: Watchonista makes NASCAR track debut

Watchonista made its NASCAR track debut last weekend as Joe Graf Jr. made a success of the start while battling rainy conditions.

Graf Jr. had an excellent race, climbing from his starting position in 31st place to claim a lead-lap 15th place.

Despite the progress in the tough conditions, due to the weather and standing water on the track, officials called the race to a halt over safety concerns.

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Commenting on the performance, Watchonista said: “It was a very well executed race for a young driver in very dangerous conditions.”

The organisation’s Editor-in-Chief, Josh Shanks, added: “If you would have told us a year ago that Watchonista would be sponsoring a NASCAR team with a custom livery, I wouldn’t have believed you.

“But now more than ever, it’s clear that every opportunity to zig when others are zagging is worth considering. We’re looking forward to presenting more surprises in the coming months.”

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