G-Shock Xmas advertising pays dividends


Casio’s G-Shock has begun to see the fruits of its pre-Christmas television campaign with TV channel Dave.

The tough-as-nails brand sponsored an extreme sports reality show called The Indestructibles on the comedy-focused channel, and has already started to see a return on its investment.

Its Christmas sales saw a definite spike, with the G-Shock hero (the GA-1100 AIR watch which featured in The Indestructibles) selling 48% more in December than the G-Shock hero watch from the previous year.


It crowns a highly successful year for the ‘unbreakable’ Japanese brand, whose Mudmaster GWG-1000 was Highly Commended for Trendsetting Watch of the Year in WatchPro’s end-of-year Watches of the Year 2015.

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