G-Shock makes latest drop in Seven Lucky Gods collection


G-Shock has unveiled the next addition to its Seven Lucky Gods collection, the Daikokuten.

The release follows previous successful launches in the line which include the Ebisu in October, the Benzaiten and Hotei in November and the Bishamonten in December.

Modelled on the GX-56m, a model designed with high levels of resilience in mind, the watch has a shock-resistant construction that uses a two-layer urethane bezel and an inner protector.


Its band displays images of a magic hammer and a mouse while three small oval-shaped Japanese coins appear on the watch strap keeper to represent the god of treasure and fortune

The Daikokuten will precede the Jurojin and Fukurokuju models which are set to conclude the collection in the near future.

In November, WatchPro reported on the news from G-Shock that it had embedded a DW-6900TF-SET in the chest of a special Transformer character Master Optimus Prime.

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Transformers … G-Shocks in disguise


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