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G-Shock kicks off toughness campaign with focus on leading women


Casio has unveiled its G‐Shock campaign, ‘24 Hours of Toughness’, featuring three leading women in different industries who operate outside the boundaries of the typical 9 to 5 working day.

The docu‐style series celebrates modern women as exemplars of absolute toughness and kicks off with Emily Oberg, renowned art director and fashion designer.

The first of three videos to be released in the campaign provides a look into Ms Oberg’s non‐ traditional schedule by following her creative process over the course of 24 hours.


She is seen sourcing inspiration from her environment around the clock, including a morning hike and shopping at a vintage flea market while equipped with her G‐Shock.

The film coincides with the release of the GMAS140, a new line of S‐Series timepieces designed for the “tough and active modern woman.”

Ms Oberg, founder of Sports & Rich, said: “I’ve always admired G‐SHOCK for its marriage of function and style. As someone who doesn’t operate within the traditional 9 to 5, I find a lot of inspiration in items that add toughness to fashion to stand the test of time.”

The new GMAS140 series features a sleek, light on dark designs and is available for the fall season in a variety of colorways.

It features 200m water resistance, magnetic resistance and comes in a 51.2mm case size.

David Johnson, vice president of Casio’s timepiece division, added: “Today’s leaders thrive outside the boundaries of the traditional definitions of time. That’s why we’re excited to kick‐off our brand new campaign with Emily Oberg, who embodies our brand ethos of absolute toughness by successfully blazing her own trail everyday.”

The first video in the 24 Hours of Toughness series can be watched here:

GMAS140 models retail for $99 and are available for purchase at select G‐Shock retailers including Macy’s, G‐Shock Soho Store, and gshock.com.


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