G-SHOCK joins Google-based smartwatch battle


Casio might have made a full touchscreen smartwatch based on Google’s operating system several years ago, but chose instead to stand firm against onrushing connected timepieces from the likes of Apple and Samsung by protecting the high ground for its super-rugged and reliable G-SHOCKs.

However, the target markets for the likes of Apple Watch and G-SHOCKs have converged, because both propositions are chasing customers that want highly functional wristwear built around health and fitness.

Casio has succumbed, and finally introduced a G-SHOCK smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google and packed with functions for customers looking to stay fit using activity goals and fitness tracking.


G-SHOCK GSW-H1000 joins the sporty G-SQUAD line, and will be promoted as one of the most shock-resistant smartwatches on the market.

“The new smartwatch is built with all the toughness of a G-SHOCK, with impact protection and 200-metre water resistance,” the company says.

It has an optical sensor to measure heart rate, as well as a compass, altitude/air pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer and GPS. All activity is logged, managed and shared on a G-SHOCK Move phone app.

A dual-layer display combines a monochrome, always-on LCD for time display and a colour LCD for high-definition display of finer details for apps like maps.

The LCD display uses more power, and will limit the watch’s battery life to around a day and a half, but the monochrome display will keep going for a month. Real world usage probably means a week between charges will be possible.

There are three models in the 2021 GSW-H1000 line in black and blue, red or all black colourways, all priced at $699. They go on sale in May.

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