G-Shock infuses MR-G with strength and style of Samurai commanders


A limited edition G-Shock dedicated to samurai commanders is coming to the United States after first being launched by the brand’s Singapore team.

The G-Shock MRG-B2000BS-3A Hana-Basara Edition is infused with the Basara commander spirit. Basara was a term of respect for Samurai commanders who were infamous for their bold and lavish appearance.

The watch’s bezel and bracelet are made of ultra-hard Cobarion and DAT55G alloys, and the bezel is cut and polished by artisan Komatsu Kazuhito.


The mirror-surface facet cuts give the bezel an angular look that is very distinct from other MR-G models.

The bezel and band also have a traditional “kurogane-iro” hue that is the result of a newly developed dark green DLC finish.

The name refers to the deep shade of green that appears when iron is heated, with the color evoking the iron-clad helmets and armor of Basara samurai commanders.

The dial has a  chain mail woven pattern known as  Kusari Katabiraand a folding fan pattern on the outer dial.

The dial’s green, red, gold and black colors are inspired by the Hana-Basara armor. The DAT55G case has a Brown AIP (arc ion plating) and an engraved plate to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the MR-G series.

G-Shock is making the watch in a limited run of 400. It first launched in Asia in June but goes on sale in the United States in July for $8,000.

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