G-Shock creator suggests space is the next frontier — selling watches to aliens

Kikou Ibe, creator of G-Shock.

Kikou Ibe is an unassuming superstar of the modern watch industry, but as the creator of the original G-Shock 35 years ago he is revered and idolized by collectors like a Marvel movie star at a Comic Con festival.

Those acolytes could be frothing at the news that the legendary Mr Ibe says that the next frontier for his G-Shock watches could be outer space.

In an interview with WatchPro today, we asked what G-Shock might look like in 35 years hence, and how they will be sold. We expected a dry answer about the evolution of a brand that is segmented into rugged watches for air, sea and land sold through main street and online retailers. Instead the creative genius predicted that in 35 years — that will be 2053 — the world will have conquered space.


“I think we will see a G-Shock for space,” he predicted.

“And the watches will be sold in a Casio Space Shop, maybe to aliens,” he adds.

He laughs but, since the interview was conducted via a translator, is hard to tell whether he is entirely joking.

Read the full interview with Kikou Ibe in October.



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