French classicism and golden age of Hollywood converge in March LA.B Lady Mansart collection


March LA.B’s first collection out of the traps for 2020 is an elegant dress watch for ladies that take inspiration from both Los Angeles and France — the LA and B for Biarritz in its brand name.

The Lady Mansart family aims to strike a balance between classicism and modernity with an angular style inspired by the 17th century baroque architecture of Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Château Marmont, a famous hotel in Hollywood built in 1926.

Lady Mansart’s 22mm cases follow the octagonal architectural layout of La Place Vendôme in Paris, which was designed by Mr Hardouin-Mansart.



Picture credit: By Mbzt – Own work.
Picture credit: By Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK – Chateau Marmont Hollywood.


Models are available in five dial variations, each of which have two interchangeable leather straps to give the watches more versatility.

They went on sale on February 1 in the UK for £675 in steel and £725 with gold plate.



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