Frederique Constant launches cloud service for its smartwatch users


Frederique Constant has set up a new cloud service to offer its smartwatch customers a way of keeping track of all the data, statistics and progress their timepieces record.

The brand has steadily expanded its range of connected timepieces since its first smartwatch launch in 2015 and the new service will facilitate customers’ data overview and storage.

The new SwissConnect cloud portal promises to be the answer to the growing ‘connected’ community’s demand for a secured yet easy access to in-depth data and insights from multiple apps anywhere in the world.


The portal allows its users to access all of their SwissConnect applications data with specific widgets and dedicated dashboards.

The web portal includes the MMT-365 and the Hybrid apps, SwissConnect Analytics and will also support many new applications in the future.

Frederique Constant customers will be able to check their stats, track their progress and get personal insights about themselves thanks to a personal dashboard.

As the SwissConnect cloud portal acts as a hub for all connected mobile applications, one login and password manages all of the SwissConnect data.

The company has promised that users’ data is securely stored on servers in Switzerland.

Frederique Constant said it has chosen to host its cloud in Switzerland to offer its customers “the best privacy protection”.

Users are now able to connect external applications like Strava, Fitbit and Runkeeper to export and display data in their preferred mobile application.

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