Frederique Constant innovations drive sales up 40% in the UK


Frederique Constant retailers have reported a record year of sales in the UK, according to the brand’s distributor Argento Fine Products.

Claudia Ferro, co-founder of the distributor, tells WatchPro that five years since the relaunch of Frederique Constant in the UK, the brand is showing “consistent growth”.

“This year, in particular, the distribution network has expanded, yet again, among farsighted independent retailers and sales reported by our existing agents show a substantial increase of about 40%, over last year,” Mrs Ferro reveals.

The uncertainty around the EU referendum in June caused growth to slow earlier in the year, but has bounced back strongly since, throughout the UK.

Frederique Constant, which was bought by Citizen Group earlier this year, has been positioned as a mechanical Swiss watchmaker of affordable luxury timepieces.

But it has been the company’s high end mechanicals ands its innovation in smartwatches that has driven interest this year. “The Horological Smart watches, ladies’ and special high-end models seem to lead the trend,” suggests Mrs Ferro.



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