Former Cellini sales consultant opens his own boutique in Florida

Ian Happ, Danny Goldsmith and Samir Shah.

Former Cellini sales consultant Danny Goldsmith has completed his dream move to Florida and opened his own boutique lounge specializing in independent watch brands in Delray Beach.

The showroom, called Goldsmith & Complications will stock a broad range of watches including pre-owned alongside rare pieces from Purnell, Arnold & Son, Urwerk and Cyrus.

There will be a pride of place in the lounge for horological sculptures from Berd Vay’e including a limited edition baseball bat designed in conjunction with Chicago Bulls switch hitter Ian Happ.


The 17-inch baseball bat, limited to 30 pieces, is made from a type of plexiglass called Lucite, and contains vintage watch components and shards of one of Mr Happ’s bats.

Goldsmith & Complications has named the sculpture America’s PasTIME. It is on sale now for $4,000.

“So many of my clients are into collecting watches, and into sports. They also love Berd Vay’e. We wanted to share our passion for watchmaking and bring something to the watch community that they’d never seen before,” says Mr Goldsmith.

“It had to be something very cool that symbolizes what both companies are about and appeals to collectors,” he adds.

Mr Goldsmith came up with the concept with Berd Vay’e president Samir Shah, a business associate and close friend from his days at Cellini in Manhattan.

“When Danny mentioned Ian Happ was interested in a collaboration, we immediately thought of creating a mini baseball bat – the souvenir we all used to take home from a game”, says Mr Shah.

“As sports fans and watch aficionados infatuated with quality, we felt it was the perfect representation of the collision of the worlds of watchmaking, baseball, art and design.”

Goldsmith & Complications officially opened on September 16.

The 1,700 square foot salon is upstairs from a wine bar on Delray Beach’s Atlantic Avenue and is designed as a luxury lounge where watch collectors can hang out and immerse themselves in their hobby.

Goldsmith & Complications is planning to become the sole North American retailer for many brands previously unavailable in the United States.

“While some of the watches we sell are expensive, you don’t have to invest tremendous amounts to show your support for independent watch brands,” says Goldsmith.

“We want to share this with everyone from the knowledgeable, established collector to those just beginning to explore their passion for watches. We can’t wait for everyone to come and visit!”

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