First UK campaign for Fossil uses power bloggers


Fossil has launched its first UK advertising campaign titled ‘Calling All Curious’ featuring influential bloggers.

The striking imagery will be used to promote the brand’s Curious Set collection, including six influential pairs such as Fashion Foie Gras’s Emily Johnston with The Chic Geek’s Marcus Jaye,

Matthew Zorpas founder of The Gentleman’s Blogger with Coco’s Tea Party’s Ella Gregory and Mademoiselle Robot’s Laetitia Wajnapel partnered with Joseph Clough, founder of Joey London.
Whilst the campaign covers Fossil’s watches, jewellery and leather goods, its watches are especially prominent in the campaign images.


Nicky Dzialak, Fossil’s head of brand, said: “We are so excited to have launched our first UK campaign with such a great group of influencers. The ‘Calling All Curious’ campaign is all about engaging with the Fossil product in a fun, creative and curious way and each of these influencers had a love for the brand, making them the perfect fit.”


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