First two-hand MeisterSinger to come to UK


Meistersinger will bring its first two-handed watch to the UK with the launch of its Neo F ladies line.

The brand, which is famous for its single-hand watches, has been creating models with two hands for men but to date has kept them out of the UK market for fear of confusing consumers so early into its launch in the UK.

The Neo F collection is a range of fully automatic ladies watches that retails for about £780 and has a traditional face with two hands.

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Another break away from MeisterSinger’s traditional ranges that will launch in the UK this year is its Edition 24 collection, a single-hand model with a dial set with 24 hour markers instead of 12. It was first unveiled last year and is now available to UK retailers this year.

At the other end of the spectrum, MesiterSigner unveiled its No. 6 line of watches that have a six-hour dial at BaselWorld in March. The watches have six hour markers that double up, with the 12 o’clock marker also representing six o’clock and the two o’clock marker also representing right o’clock, for example.

The brand is as yet undecided as to whether the No. 6 line, which has been inspired by a clock in an Italian church, will make it to the UK. It will have a price tag of about £1,500.

MesiterSinger also said it has plans in the pipeline to create a left-hand watch but there is no date put on this release as yet.

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