FIFA donates Parmigiani gifted watches to charity


FIFA, the disgraced world body of world football, is looking to draw a line under the gifting scandal that it was embroiled in last year after the Brazil World Cup.

48 of the 57 Parmigiani watches that were left on the hotel beds of football officials during a FIFA Congress before the World Cup have been rounded up and will be donated to a children’s football charity.

Accepting the gifts directly contravened FIFA’s own code of ethics, and it has spent over a year persuading the officials in question to give them up.


FIFA’s Ethics Committee (insert joke here) announced yesterday that it had donated the timepieces to Germany’s streetworldfootball to be sold to benefit the group’s youth programs in Brazil.

Unsurprisingly, the benefactors were reluctant to give back their Parmigiani gifts, and a FIFA spokesman has spoken of the difficulties of getting the watch back, including six individuals who claimed to have ‘lost’ theirs.

The charity is now hoping to maximise the money they make from the watches, which are valued at about $25,000.


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