Favre-Leuba accompanies eco-explorers aiming to sail across the North Pole


Arctic explorers Pen Hadow and Erik de Jong are aiming to sail across the North Pole to draw attention to how global warming is shrinking the ice sheet.

The 10-member crew will be wearing Favre-Leuba Raider Harpoon watches as the historic Swiss watchmaker is the official timekeeper of the mission.


The team set sail on two 50-foot yachts on August 15, intending to sail across almost half of the 3 million square kilometres of international waters around the North Pole that are now navigable.

The extreme Arctic Mission requires a timepiece that is precise, reliable, robust, easy to read in dark conditions and which will survive the freezing conditions of the journey.

Favre-Leuba’s Raider Harpoon fits the brief, and the mission also chimes with the Swiss watchmaker’s stated aim to conquer frontiers with its watches.


Favre Leuba Pen Hadow (2)


Favre Leuba Pen Hadow




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