Family succession a “dazzling success” for power women at Razny


For more than seven decades, Razny Jewelers has been at the heart of the family-owned and operated watch and jewellery offering in the Greater Chicago Area.

As with a number of US retailers operating in the watch and jewelry industry, the succession plan in the family seems to have led to real success within the business and beyond.

Tapping into this recently, the Illinois-based lifestyle publication, Hinsdale Living, sat down with Ingrid Razny and Christine Razny-Porter to catch up on just how they work, describing the success thus far as “dazzling.”


Doing so alongside Ingrid’s husband Stan, and their sons, Michael and Eric, the family legacy has not only continued, but has gone from strength to strength.

Discussing business style, Ingrid and Christine explained: “It is client-focused and providing 5-star customer service is our chief mission. Thanks to a cohesive culture of hospitality and inclusivity, we’ve grown our brand into four locations throughout the Greater Chicago Area without sacrificing our authentic family-owned feel.”

The duo went on to detail just how important strong connections are in the industry: “Building genuine relationships will take you farther than any single transaction. We’ve achieved long-term, sustainable success by building a loyal network of devoted clients whose families have been shopping with us for generations.”

The conversation then turned to the decision years ago to sell only natural diamonds sourced from locations that follow internationally recognized, trade, labor and ethics standards.

On this, they commented: “This is because we are committed to environmental conservation. Our partners work with local governments and community leaders to nurture the reclamation process so that the land and sea that is mined returns to their natural state when work is complete. We visited an off-shore mining vessel personally this year to get eyes on the work environment, ensure it is to our standard, and to be of assistance to the people of this developing country where possible.”

Concluding: “Filled with gratitude for the people and land that give us these treasures, our family feels rewarded by this opportunity to give back and pay it forward.”

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