F+A Lab releases Flawsome Seiko movement watch with Kickstarter campaign


Brand F+A Lab has released its new Flawsome watch, with Seiko movement and inspired by the Japanese concept of ‘wabi-sabi’.

Wabi-sabi is an aesthetic idea that accepts transience and imperfection as inevitable.

F+A Lab’s Flawsome watch is made with natural materials like wood, resin, gold and silver foil, and features cracks and imperfections.


Because of these imperfections every watch is unique, and has a Japanese Seiko NH35 movement that operates at 21,600 vibrations per hour.

The strap is easily interchangeable, detaching in seconds, so users can swap the sleek steel mesh option for a natural leather alternative.

The watch is also part of a Kickstarter campaign, and is available to buy online.

F+A Lab founder Tyron Lee commented: “In a world driven by technology and mass-produced sameness, it’s more important than ever to take time to appreciate simplicity, beauty and uniqueness.

“A watch is the perfect object to express those values. It combines function and beauty and gives us pause to reflect on the passage of time and express our unique individuality.

“We take this approach in our craftsmanship as well, letting the natural materials we use help create something both imperfect and beautiful.”

Discover Seiko:

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