EXCLUSIVE: Zeon set to open New York office as British and US brands ignite Stateside


Zeon is opening a New York office to support growing business for its portfolio of licensed watch brands.

British names including Vivienne Westwood and Barbour watches have global appeal and are particularly strong in the United States.

Zeon’s big push this year, the relaunch of Ingersoll, will play particularly well in the US, since the brand originates there.


“When we speak to people in the States, they are so excited about the return of Ingersol. We hear so many people say that the first watch they ever owned was an Ingersoll,” Simon Gillham, managing director for Zeon, tells WatchPro.

Zeon is concentrating on securing global licenses for a more focused portfolio of brands, which also includes Braun watches. These have already been performing well in the US, according to Braun brand manager Cameron Hauxwell. An existing partner, which will continue to work with Zeon after the the New York office opens, has secured strong placements in points of sale with connections to the design and creative markets including design museums.

The exact opening date of the Zeon New York office has not yet been finalised, but Mr Gillham said they were working through the final contract and logistical details.


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