EXCLUSIVE: Rolex will spring fresh Kermit on Tuesday


Rolex will launch a black and green Oystersteel Submariner in a 41mm size on Tuesday, WatchPro has been told by a source with a reliable history of gleening inside information.

WatchPro cannot verify the claim and Rolex never responds to speculation ahead of its launches.

The source says it is 100% confirmed the steel sub will come in the new size.


“The Hulk is now back to a Ceramic Kermit,” they continue.

Rolex’s Kermit, with black dial and green bezel, previously had the old aluminium insert when it launched in 2003.

This will be upgraded to Rolex”s scratch-resistant Cerachrom, which does not fade.

Our source also says to expect a steel Submariner without date to come in a slightly larger 41mm.

A white gold Submariner will arrive with a black dial and a blue bezel.

It will be no surprise that Rolex is focusing on its hugely commercial Submariner family.

Teasers ahead of the September 1 presentations to press and retail partners from Rolex have featured underwater visuals with the title Out of the blue.


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