EXCLUSIVE: Raymond Weil reveals first tourbillon


Raymond Weil has incorporated a tourbillon for the first time ever with the release of its Nabucco Cello Tourbillon, created in partnership with Swiss manufacturer, Tec-Ebauches.

The £27,500 watches combine two themes that the brand is keen to promote: its ongoing association with music, and its ambition to join the ranks of the most innovative and expert watchmakers.

Raymond Weil’s CEO Elie Bernheim was personally involved in creating the concept for the watch, which draws inspiration from his passion for music.


"My grandfather’s love of music and my own passion for the cello are the two elements that inspired the design and development of the Nabucco Cello Tourbillon,” said Bernheim.

“Intended as an expression of our brand’s imaginative approach to watch design, the Nabucco Cello Tourbillion reflects Raymond Weil core values; music inspired haute horology,” he added.

The design of the watch aims to combine the classic lines of a deconstructed cello with the technical prowess of the tourbillon at the heart of its hand-wound mechanical movement.

The movement bridges supporting the tourbillon escapement and mainspring barrel, take the form of a cello’s distinctive f-holes. The hands are formed in the shape of a cello bow while the five lines of a musical stave are represented in the grooved bezel and the four cello strings stretch across the dial.

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