EXCLUSIVE: Hublot has no plans to shut out multibrand retail partners from its global network

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe.

Hublot will not continue down the same path as Audemars Piguet and close out partnerships with retailers unless they commit to opening branded stores.

In an interview with WatchPro yesterday, CEO Ricardo Guadalupe says that he will not insist on retail partners opening or converting to monobrand stores.

Although monobrands have been important in breaking into emerging markets across Asia and large parts of North America, Mr Guadalupe does not think that one size fits all.

He expects around half of all Hublot doors around the world being branded. “I see a 50-50 split and we see the strength of both models in different markets,” he says.

In North America, Hublot is concentrating its firepower on its own stores, and is cutting doors with multibrand retail partners.

At Baselworld last year, Hublot North America president Jean-François Sberro, told WatchPro today that around one-third of the current authorized dealers would lose their agencies and he was looking to grow the number of directly owned and operated stores from 15 to 20 in the USA and Canada.

Even if half of all world-wide doors in the future become branded as Hublot, that will not mean retail partners are cut out of the deal. “We will look at opening more franchise stores with partners,” Mr Guadalupe reveals.




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