EXCLUSIVE: eBay’s top ten most expensive watches sold this year … Spoiler alert: Rolex and Patek Philippe do not make the top five


A Panerai PAM 21, described as a grail watch from the watchmaker, has topped this year’s ranking for the most expensive watch sold on eBay after bidding closed at $125,000.

A. Lange & Sohne took second place with a rose gold Double Split Chronograph that sold for $98,995 and a diamond-encrusted Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time came third with a price of $98,000.

The incredible prices demonstrate how trust in the watches listed on eBay has increased in recent years since the Silicon Valley giant started rolling out authentication and money back guarantees in 2018.


Its authentication service has expanded and improved this year so that every watch sold for over $2,000 will undergo physical inspection before it is sent to a customer.

Notably, neither Rolex nor Patek Philippe make it into the top five most expensive watches sold by eBay this year.

The most expensive Rolex came in at number seven, a vintage yellow gold Daytona with black dial that went for $94,993.

Patek Philippe came in eighth with a steel Nautilus 5980 chronograph that made $88,500.

Rolex and Patek Philippe can comfort themselves in the knowledge that they made the two most expensive watches ever sold on eBay.

A Patek Philippe Grand Complication once sold for $535,500, according to eBay, and a Rolex Platinum Masterpiece Glacier Diamond Jubilee went for $150,000.

eBay and WatchPro have produced a Special Report on the luxury watch auction market that will appear in the November edition of the magazine and online.

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