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EXCLUSIVE: Carl F. Bucherer buys its North American distributor

Sascha Moeri and Ron Stoll shake hands on the deal.

Carl F. Bucherer has bought its distributor in the United States.

The company, trading as Carl F. Bucherer North America Inc since 2004, was created, owned and run by Ron Stoll, who also owns Stoll and Company, an authorized service company for a number of prestige

Mr Stoll has sold 100% of the business to Carl F. Bucherer for an undisclosed sum.

“Carl F. Bucherer has enjoyed consistent growth over the last few years, including in the strategically important US market,” Sascha Moeri, global CEO of Carl F. Bucherer told WatchPro today.

“On 1st August, we announced that Carl F. Bucherer has taken over the distribution company “Carl F. Bucherer North America Inc.” from Mr. Ron Stoll as a 100-percent subsidiary. Before that the company was owned by Ron Stoll, who is also CEO of the company, has been an independent distributor for CFB watches in North America since 2004. The incorporation of Carl F. Bucherer North America Inc. is a vital step into a bright future for our global brand that will enable us to exploit the full potential of this exciting market,” Mr Moeri adds.

Bucherer, the parent company of Carl F. Bucherer, has been on maneuvers in the United States this year, first with the acquisition of the country’s largest chain of luxury jewelers Tournea, and this week announcing it has bought Barons & Leeds, which has four doors for prestige watches and jewelry in California and Hawaii.

Mr Moeri is a member of the Group Executive Committee for Bucherer, but tells WatchPro that he would prefer not to speak about the group’s tactics on the retail side of the business.

He did say that Carl F. Bucherer’s business for many years in the United States has given the group valuable insight into the market for Bucherer. “I do not want to make statements for my colleagues from retail, but we from Carl F. Bucherer know the US market quite well because Carl F. Bucherer worked there to build up to 80 points of sale the last 10 years,” he describes.

“Bucherer’s acquisition of Tourneau offered all 550 employees a contract with Bucherer. This is a strong statement and commitment. The majority of the Tourneau stores are great opportunities for further growth in this key-market. Long-term target [the aim] is to run more stores, not less,” he states.





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