Ex-Google employee creates app to enable Apple Watch to detect diabetes


A study conducted by the co-founder of the Cardiogram app has found that the Apple Watch is capable of detecting diabetes with 85% accuracy.

Cardiogram is an app for both Android Wear and Apple Watch that collates all the data the smartwatch collects about the wearer’s heart. The app can then create graphs to show how the wearer’s heart is doing throughout the day.

Brandon Ballinger, co-founder of this app and formerly part of Google, conducted a study which suggests the Apple Watch can diagnose diabetes from wearers by picking up on abnormalities. Though it is reported that this can only be achieved on wearers who already know they are diabetic.

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The research examined data from 14,000 Apple Watch owners, and determined that 462 had diabetes by using the heart-rate sensor in the watch.

Mr Ballinger previously used the Apple Watch to identify an abnormal heart rhythm with up to 97% accuracy when used in conjunction with Cardiogram’s AI-based algorithm. The Watch has also been able to identify sleep apnoea and hypertension with impressive accuracy rates.” according to a report on

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