Every watch has its price as auctioneer proves there are profits away from the rarest Rolexes and Pateks


Not all watch auctions are created equal. In an era of seven-figure hammer prices for historic Swiss watches, there is also a lively market for more affordable brands, bags of bits and clearance items.

September’s Online Watches & Watch Accessories auction, an online and time-limited sale held by British auctioneer Fellows, was a timely reminder that every watch and watch part has a value as 456 lots were sold for a total of £124,080 ($155,000).

Every single lot sold.


“With watch parts, tools and boxes on offer, the sale proved there was plenty to appeal to both budding horology enthusiasts and professional watch repairers. 

“Highlights of the Online Watches & Watch Accessories auction included an array of sought-after watch boxes, and groups of watches from a variety of brands, ranging from Seiko to Tissot,” the company says.

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