Ever wanted to transform Peugeot into a watch brand?


French carmaker Peugeot is hoping its name, branding and heritage can be used to launch a new line of watches with a licensing partner.

Licensing Matters Global (LMG) is working with Paris-based Peugeot Frères Industrie, which has the rights to expand the Peugeot brand into sectors outside the automotive industry.

Uppermost on a list of potential markets for the Peugeot brand is what it calls ‘timewear’; presumably spanning traditional and smartwatch sectors.


Christian Peugeot, CEO, Peugeot Frères Industrie, says: “Gifted with 210 years of entrepreneurial spirit, Peugeot constantly enriches its expertise to create objects and experiences that facilitate everyday life. We believe LMG is the right partner to tailor a program that will instil the Peugeot DNA in new product verticals.”

Other potential markets for Peugeot include Toys, Garden Power Tools, Camping Equipment, Major Electric Appliances, Sports Equipment, Travel Accessories and Fashion.

“Throughout its history, Peugeot’s inventions — ranging from ground-breaking saw blades to first automobiles, via stylish table mills and robust DIY equipment — have embodied relentless technical ingenuity, timeless elegance and a family spirit,” says Felipe Noriega, vice president EMEA for London-based LMG.

“We are eager to help expand the legacy of this world-famous brand, through licensing, into objects and experiences that deliver those core brand attributes to consumers.”

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