EPHJ determines nominees for this year’s Great Exhibitor Award

EPHJ attracted 20,000 visitors to Geneva.

Five candidates have now been selected for the Grand Exhibitor Award 2021.

The decision follows much deliberation by the jury, with the five innovations been forwarded to all exhibitors who will vote according to their preference.

The winner will then be announced on September 14th during the Exhibitor Evening at EPHJ.

The Grand Exhibitor Prize jury, composed of Mr Eric Rosset, Professor HES-SO, Pierre Amstutz, Director of the Geneva School of Watchmaking, André Colard, Founder of EPHJ, Olivier Saenger, Founder of EPHJ and Alexandre Catton, Director of EPHJ, selected the following 5 innovations:

STS, which offers the watchmaking and jewellery industry an innovative alternative to rhodium, the world’s most expensive metal.

Panatere, whose innovation involves producing solar steel using a solar furnace located near watchmaking production sites.

Vulkalloys metal alloy range has also been nominated as well as Reebber, a recycled rubber developed by Mestel.

And finally, Positive Coating which leverages leverages innovations to coat watch components in colour gradients.



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