Elliot Brown sign Snow + Rock retail partnership


British watch brand Elliot Brown has partnered with activeware retailer Snow + Rock giving the brand new online and bricks and mortar routes to market.

Brand founders Ian Elliot and Alex Brown met late last year with Snow + Rock’s Outdoor Equipment and Footware buyer, Andy Brown, who commented: “I’ve been searching for a durable, analogue watch brand for some time, I really like the story and think it’s a perfect fit for our audience”.

Elliot Brown’s range of durable watches for the outdoor and action sports sectors were seen as a perfect fit for Snow + Rock’s customer base.


Ian Elliot said: “We’ve struck a great relationship with Andy, it’s a pleasure working with someone who has such fine attention to detail, because there’s a real appreciation for the way we’ve gone about engineering the range.”

The partnership adds another aspect to Elliot Brown’s network of retail partners that include watch, jewellery and outdoor specialists.

Elliot continued: “Working carefully with the right partners is enabling us to build one of the strongest brands that’ll stand the test of time. It’s as much about saying no to the wrong stores as it is saying yes to the right ones.”

Elliot Brown exhibited at the London Watch Show last weekend and brand founders Elliot and Brown were named as two of the 2014 WatchPro Hot 100 at the publication’s launch party in Mayfair on Sunday night.


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