Elliot Brown delivers unique batch to retailers


Poole-based watch brand Elliot Brown has delivered a batch of unique custom watches to its network of retailers in time for Christmas.

Elliot Brown founders Ian Elliot and Alex Brown had already completed a number of bespoke watches for individual customers and felt the prospect of being able to buy a unique watch from retailer was too tempting to resist.

The brand set about assembling a batch of 20 unique pieces at their workshop; combining new and existing components to create colour and material choices that will not be used again such as pale grey dials and dark brown waxy leather straps.


Their bespoke range is initially available from HS Johnson, Wave Jewellery, and selected branches of Goldsmiths. Elliot Brown is now inviting each of its bricks and mortar stockists to become official Elliot Brown Custom Dealers.

Alex Brown said: “When you wear something that’s a one-off it feels very different as an ownership proposition. Everything we’ve learned so far tells us the wearer forms a much stronger emotional connection with a watch that’s unique and becomes their ‘own model’. It’s a great talking point in store and sets Elliot Brown apart in the market. If you’d like to become an Elliot Brown Custom Dealer then please get in touch.”


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