Edox to appear in Spider-Man & Bruce Willis films


Watches from Edox have been specifically selected to appear in two new movies set for release this year, after the brand was contacted by art directors working on the films.

In a recent interview with Christian Hotz, part of Edox’s marketing team, it was revealed that the brand has been targeted for three new films, including The Amazing Spider-Man, starring British actor Andrew Garfield, and films with Bruce Willis and Clint Eastwood.

However Hotz has said that the brand will not focus too heavily on reaching out to Hollywood, instead wishing to remain true to its outdoor activity and sports-focused marketing.

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Hotz said of the movie coup: “We got contacted by The Amazing Spider-Man art director. They informed us about the film project which we had to keep confidential.

"We then sent some Edox timepieces which have been carefully selected. They obviously loved the designs of our timepieces and that was it.”

Hotz said that it was an honour for Edox to be part of a film it has dubbed a "blockbuster", and since then the brand has been further contacted to be part of two other Hollywood movies.

"Shortly after the agreement with Spider-Man 4, we got contacted by the producer of Looper, the new film with Bruce Willis,” explained Hotz.

“They loved the Classe-Royale collection and these timepieces are worn by the bad guys [in the film].”

In January this year the brand was contacted by the management team of Clint Eastwood, whom it says it did not want to work with until it had seen the impact of the Spider-Man and Looper films, but says they insisted and "we agreed".

The Clint Eastwood team are said to have contacted Edox several times in order to get hold of two of its X-treme Pilot Limited Edition watches, however Edox has no further information about the new Clint Eastwood project.

Hotz insists the brand has not paid for its product placement and has never previously promoted its watches in the movie realm.

"I think the art directors appreciate the special and unique designs of our timepieces, they somehow feel the special look of them. I also think they are looking for something different and interesting. They don’t want the usual brands which are already on everybody’s wrists,” he offered.

However in an interesting turn, Hotz says that despite the exposure the movies will offer the brand, Hollywood is not a key focus for the brand.

“We don’t want to focus our marketing and communication on Hollywood. Our field of activities is the timekeeping of major outdoor sports events at world championship level,” he explained, “However, Hollywood is a very nice story and we consider that being chosen by prestigious movie producers and directors is already incredible and amazing.”



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