Edox parachutes in a limited edition SkyDiver in bronze


Whatever happened to Edox in the United States? For a brand with such mainstream appeal and commercial collections, it should be represented by more than just official online stores on Ebay and Amazon platforms.

It may be time for retailers to take another look.

If interest is a little flat today, perhaps reviving an idea from the 1970s will help Edox. According to a story from the company, a mysterious drawing of a long-lost watch, the SkyDiver, was found by the watchmaking team on which a scrawled note said: “1973. Special production in strictly limited edition.” But nothing more.


A long-retired Edox watchmaker was able to recall a few more details of the story, which held that the SkyDiver was a secret project for a mysterious, wealthy Swiss colonel who wanted a rugged and reliable timepiece for elite mountain paratroopers under his command.

Whether the tale is true or not, Edox has developed the SkyDiver into a rounded collection of sporty models and early this year will add a limited edition in bronze to the family under the SkyDiver Military name.

Using bronze gives the watch a vintage look, particularly once it darkens through contact to air and moisture.

The case may age, but the black ceramic bezel and 2mm thick sapphire crystal glass protecting the black dial are almost impossible to scratch.

It will also survive underwater at depths of up to 300 meters.

Supply is limited to 555 pieces for the watch priced at €1,490. It will go on sale in the first quarter of this year.


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