Edox supports world record free dive attempt


Edox is working again with under-ice free diver Christian Redl, who is attempting to beat his own world record by plunging to a depth of 75 meters.

Swiss watchmaker Edox has created a 300 piece limited edition Sharkman II to mark the attempt.

Mr Redl is attempting to beat a world record he set himself 15 years ago. Even wearing a 5mm thick wetsuit he will have to overcome bone-numbing cold to reach the record depth of 75m. Christian set the current record of 65m at the same lake 15 years ago.


The 45mm divers’ watch is the Sharkman II, the second watch Edox and Mr Redl have created together.

The blue-dialed watch sports a steel case and a ceramic rotating bezel. Within the piece is the EDOX 102 movement, allowing for the hours and minutes, date and the chronograph functions.

On the reverse of the piece is an engraving of a shark, as well as the phrase “Face your fear”.

This 300 piece, which will be on display at Baselworld, is available from March 2018, after Mr Redl attempts the dive later this month.


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