Eco watch uses bio-degradable Swarovski crystals


Eco-friendly watch brand Sprout has teamed with Swarovski for a new line of watches set with biodegradable crystals.

The Sprout Crystal Collection, which will launch in June, has been made using Swarovski’s Advanced Crystal Technology that has created lead-free crystals, a patented creation that has been a decade in the making.

A spokesperson for Sprout said: "[The Swarovski crystals are] not only lead-free, but also offers unsurpassed brilliance with the highest precision, quality and clarity for flawless beauty. The patented design took Swarovski more than 10 years in the making and is raising the bar for quality and sustainability in the industry. Sprout is one of the first brands to highlight the use of these crystals."


All materials used in Sprout watches must be lead free, biodegradable, have no phthalate and comply with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Other materials used by the brand include corn resin, organic cotton, bamboo and cork.

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