Eberhard & Co. creates a 41mm version of its revolutionary 8Jours timepiece


Eberhard & Co. has created a 41mm version of its revolutionary 8Jours timepiece, the world’s first mechanical watch to offer eight days of power from being hand wound when it launched ten years ago.

The Grand Taille (big size) edition uses two overlapping mainsprings with a combined length of 1.25 metres, compared to a more usual length of around 30cm.

As well as being bigger, the Grand Taille has a sapphire porthole in the back that allows the owner to see the springs.




“From the porthole on the caseback, protected by a sapphire crystal, it is possible to admire the bridge of the large going barrel with its skeleton figure “8” silhouetted by the colour treatment, which shows off the underlying “œil de perdrix” finish on the underside of the 8, producing a three dimensional visual impact,” the company explains.

The steel case construction makes the watch waterproof to three atmospheres. It houses the calibre E & Co. 896 10 ½ ” – Basis Peseux 7001 calibre.

The 8Jour’s two springs are around four times longer than in a normal mechanical watch.
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