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Dutch watch brand Gronefeld has admitted that it strives to personally hand deliver any watch that it sells, no matter where it is on earth.

Co-founders and brothers, Tim and Bart Gronefeld, have said that they like to personally hand over any watch that one of their customers has bought, whether it’s in Tranmere or Timbuktu.

The brand makes no more than 30 watches a year, which sell for as much as £120,000. With a team of just 12 people at the company, the emphasis is on maintaining a personal touch with customers.

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Tim Gronefeld elaborates on his business philosophy: "When we sell a watch we always try to deliver our creation personally to the customer, regardless of where they are in the in the world," he says.
"We visit them and organise a dinner or small event where we hand over the watch."

Founded in 2008, in the thick of the global financial crisis, was a mistake according to Tim’s brother, Bart. But he says that things are looking up.

"Launching a high quality handmade watch in 2008 was, in retrospect, bad timing," he says. "Orders were difficult to come by, but we always knew that it would take 10 years to build a brand. Each year our production numbers have increased steadily, and today our order book is filled for the next six months."

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