Dutch airforce watch brand sets sights on UK


By Kathryn Lewis

Dutch Forces, a watchmaker based in the Netherlands, is in talks to launch its brand in the UK.

The watch brand has created a watch originally developed for pilots in the Royal Netherlands Air Force.


The watch, which will retail in the UK for €299 (£242), was jointly developed by the Dutch Royal Air force F-16 team and the watchmaker.

It is used by pilots flying at speeds of mach 1 and will be available in two models – stainless steel and black.

“We are trying to open up the UK market with Dutch Forces,” a spokesman for the company said. “We have quite a few people contacting us from the UK about our Dutch Forces watches, which is why we are now entering the market.”

The company plans to start by selling watches in the UK online at ohclock.co.uk. They are in talks with a number of London jewellers and hope to be in 20 stores by the end of 2013.




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