Dunkirk blockbuster sparks excitement among vintage Omega enthusiasts


Watch brands pay a fortune to have their timepieces featured in Hollywood blockbusters, but Omega appears to have been given a free boost in this summer’s widescreen epic, Dunkirk.

Director Christopher Nolan is a stickler for historic detail, so when RAF Spitfires and their pilots feature in the WWII movie, he insisted that genuine aircraft from the period were used, and that the aviators wore authentic equipment, including the correct watches.

That meant actor Tom Hardy, who plays a starring role as one of he Spitfire pilots, strapped on an Omega CK2129, which was commonly issued to RAF airmen at the time of the Dunkirk evacuation in 1940.





Omega says that Britain’s Ministry of Defence ordered around 2000 of the timepiece at the start of the conflict.

Its rotating bezel, similar to that of divers’ watches, allowed pilots to count down minutes from a fixed moment in time, a particularly useful feature in the storyline of the Dunkirk movie.


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