Rent-a-watch scheme pioneered by Dubois et fils


DuBois et fils, which claims to be the oldest watch factory in Switzerland, is launching a scheme called ‘Rent your Luxury Watch.’

From 1 July, it will offer some of its most exclusive timepieces for rent, with a minimum rental period of one month and a maximum of one year.

“In our digitized, global company, ownership is increasingly seen as a burden. Sharing is becoming the new norm, access more important than ownership,” said Thomas Steinemann, CEO of the Swiss brand. “The watch industry seems to have closed its eyes to this new development; not so at DuBois et fils,” boasted Steinemann.


Rental charges will include the monthly fee plus a one-time processing fee of CHF150 in Switzerland and CHF250 abroad. The monthly fee will vary between CHF80 and CHF150 depending on the watch model. The ‘Rent your Luxury Watch’ reservation system is completely online-based and an integrated part of the existing DuBois et fils online shop.


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