DOXA celebrates double anniversary with new releases in Basel


DOXA is celebrating 130 years since its founding.

As well as the milestone birthday, the brand is also commemorating 50 years of the SUB 200 T.Graph dive watch.

In celebration of this, the brand, at this year’s Baselworld, presented two new watches.


First up was a reinterpretation of its DOXA SUB 200 T.GRAPH.

For the first time the watch is available in a limited 18K gold editions, with a numbered dial and engraved caseback in a series of only 13 timepieces.

The ‘anniversary’ series has also been equipped with original VALJOUX 7734 movements.

The second release was a reissue of the DOXA SUB 200, reissued.

Presented in 316L steel, with 3 hands and an engraved caseback, only 130 numbered copies will be released.

DOXA also confirmed this as a special series produced and offered as a first, to announce the arrival of a new line that will be marketed at the end of 2019.

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