Don’t sit still, you’ll get run over


There is a quote that goes ‘Even if you’re on the right track you’ll get run over if you just sit there’. This is a message that rings loud and clear from both the brands and retailers featured in this month’s issue of WatchPro.

Times of difficulty can cause companies to rein in spending, think twice about that new idea and in the case of some retailers, barricade themselves under a comfort blanket of safe brands.

Not so for a daring number in the UK who have been strengthening their offer with quality timepieces that strike key price points from none other than Germany. While the British watch brands have been rousing our attention, a savvy number of retailers and distributors have jumped on board with an eclectic mix of German watch brands, and are reaping the benefits of precision manufacturing and smart design.


We also catch up with Bering, a brand that has taken the UK market by storm in little more than a year. Bering arrived here with no sales force and no office but its creative and hugely positive UK director Henrik Leth Møller did not let such small matters hinder him. He tells his story and reveals how Bering has won over the market by doing things a little differently and working as closely as possible with its retail partners.

Our guest column this month was penned by Robin Kamal, the co-founder of online retailer WatchHub. He tells the tale of a retailer friend who found his business facing problems all because he’d failed to act as the watch market in the UK had evolved. Robin says it’s never too late to innovate and we’d love to know if you agree.

On the note of innovation this month’s Tech Spot is dedicated to Urwerk’s UR-210, a timepiece that is dubbed almost human through its ability to read its owner’s movements. We also take a look at the luxury brands employing the historical technique of enamelling to bring some serious eye candy to their collections, something that has helped them stay one step ahead in the luxury marketplace.

So, while you’re at work today, whether you sell watches in a retail store or online, or work behind the scenes distributing and promoting brands in the UK, take a moment to think about that idea you had and ask yourself why you haven’t done it yet. Because there’s no time like the present to do something unexpected to keep others on their toes.


The October 2012 issue of WatchPro magazine is out now. To see a digital version click here






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