Display company puts pre-owned stock in the spotlight


Display company TJDC is offering a slick new way for retailers to present their pre-owned watch business.

North London-based The Jewellery Display Company (TJDC) are offering scalable displays to help merchandise pre-owned are vintage stock in a professional, aesthetically pleasing way.

While the market for vintage watches is booming, successfully merchandising pre-owned stock can be tricky for retailers.

Jacob Nightburg, owner of TJDC, said: “While the rest of the watch world has been fixating on all the new watch launches at Baselworld, we have been focusing on another sector that is really driving watch retail on the high street – pre-owned. We have closely observed the rise of this market and it continues to offer our retail customers an attractive opportunity to sell watches from some of the biggest brands on the planet and tap into a savvy consumer group looking for quality at a great price. With our dedicated displays – which take just minutes to set up – retailers can now instantly communicate that watch shoppers can find value and versatility in store.”

Nightburg believes TJDC’s displays – available in wood tones and high-gloss paint finishes with embossed fabric – help differentiate a pre-owned offer in a retailer’s store from new stock.

Each individual watch stand within the displays features a description panel to allow for a unique description of the piece on display. Prices start at £795.



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