Dietrich plays with perception of time using unique complication


Dietrich has created a brand new complication that allows the seconds hand to point to a sub-dial similar in shape to a smile.

While on normal watches the distance from one second to the next is identical, On the Dietrich Perception, some seconds are less than a millimetre and others are much larger.

Affluent Doctor Who enthusiasts may be a key target market for the creation because it presents time as a wibbly-wobbly concept where the passage of time is an abstract rather than a mathematically precise concept.

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“Watchmaking is all about measuring time and cutting it into small, perfectly equal parts called seconds. It is mathematical, and it helps us tremendously to organise and share our lives with each other. But when it comes to time perception, we are far away from mathematics. In our emotional reality no second is equal, some seem unbearably long while others just fly away. It’s this emotional perception of time that we tried to materialize in this new masterpiece. This is Perception, our first complication,” the company attempts to explain.

The watch is housed in a 50mm steel case with a silver or blue dial.

Dietrich is represented by Argento Fine Products in the UK.


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