Diesel makes limited edition watch out of concrete


Brutalism is an architectural style that emerged in the 1950s and used huge expanses of concrete to build massive, monolithic and austere buildings.

Fossil Group’s Diesel brand appears to have become a disciple, and used the movement’s design ideas to make a 51mm brute of a watch from concrete.

The limited edition concrete watch is an extension to the Diesel Mega Chief family.



Weiss Science Tower from First Avenue. Credit: NYC Urbanism, 2016.
Weiss Science Tower in New York is a classic piece of Brutalist architecture.

The oversized piece has a stainless steel link bracelet and 51mm case that are encased in natural gray concrete.

The result, according to Diesel, is a surprisingly lightweight watch with a unique, rugged texture.

Its crystal lens has a color gradient effect shading from blue to orange.

Its caseback is inscribed with: “living in a concrete jungle.”

There are only 1000 pieces being made for the whole world, and it is expected to retail for around $300 in the United States (based on UK price of £289).

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